Hi there!

My name is Alice Clark and I've always been passionate about information - where to get it, how to verify it, how to convey it to others, how to use it properly. Data has always been a prime focus in my life, in work and in play. I am open to one-off and continuing data work in all forms, and interested in wider discussions around data in general. 

I received my Master's in Library and Information Science from San Jose State University in 2016, a lifelong goal. My dream was to be a public or school librarian, but I've been able to find that librarianship is so much more. It's a state of mind. It's an approach. It's a set of principles that apply broadly throughout every single industry.

A world where data flows freely to everyone who needs it and allows improvement of the human condition is the ideal. 

Data governance IS a form of modern librarianship. Master data management IS a form of modern day librarianship. And it's so fascinating to watch these tenets evolve into the same beautiful concept that has existed for centuries. That's where I've decided to stake my claim.

In long-term positions and projects, my approach starts at the bottom. I firmly believe data can't thrive at higher levels where it doesn't thrive at the lower levels, as organizations can't thrive without a healthy and happy front-line culture. I aim to get as much information from every level I can in order to improve the function of the whole organization. That's improvement of the human condition, in my opinion. 

In shorter-term endeavors, I live for small detail work and system evaluation. Standardization and organization are part of what I truly enjoy. I do it in my personal life with projects all the time for fun. Nothing's better than process improvement and seeing the data fall into line. I'd love to hear what you might have on deck!

Please feel free to reach out to me for more information. I'm always up for a challenge.

Email me at clarkinfoservices@gmail.com or contact me through my LinkedIn profile below.